Monday, February 28, 2005

The last few days...

I just got my hair dyed again. It was supposed to turn out blonde, really really bleach blonde, but the red just does not want to go away. The roots are super blonde, but it fades into medium red at the bottom. It kind of looks like I planned it that way, but I really didn't.

I'm trying to find a new place to rent. The place we are in now is horrible and the place we were going to rent got sold. I guess now we are just kind of stuck here until we find something better. Hopefully we will find something soon, maybe with a yard for the puppy and a big kitchen for me!

I got a raise at work, but when I looked on my check it was wrong! I was told on January 23rd that I would get a $.75 raise, it just showed up on my last check, but it was only $.25!!! I told my boss and he said he must have been confused as to what my original pay rate was. I already waited 6 weeks for the raise! now i have to wait even longer for them to fix it! It really sucks. I was also told that I can not take vacation the week of labor day for my 1st wedding anniversary because we are not allowed to take time off on holidays because that's our busiest times. I found out the other day that the office manager is taking off the entire week of July 4th. Well, if she does I suppose I'll be off on Labor day week whether they like it or not.

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Youre fired!