Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I'm sitting here eating girlscout shortbread cookies and wondering why I paid $3.50 for one box. They are good, and I could eat a lot of them, but $3.50? come on! I could probably make them cheaper myself! I just thought about it, and I bought 3 boxes. One thin mint (which I ate all of...frozen), one shortbread (which I just opened) and one carmel delight (which i have no idea what happened to them). I know Bob didn't eat them, he doesn't like coconut. Hmmm, I'll have to look around and find out.

I started on a new crochet project today. I'm trying to make some potholder/hotplates for my sister. They were supposed to be for her birthday, but I'm so slack that her birthday already passed 2 weeks ago and I'm just now starting them. Oh well, I'm sure she'll like them anyway.

I spent most of the day at work sitting around with nothing to do today. I like Wednesdays at work though for two reasons. One is that all the new merchandise comes in to put on the showroom floor. The second reason is, as a result of the truck coming, the manager buys everyone lunch. Today we had chinese food, and it was delicious!

Bob and I are both off work this weekend and we are going house hunting! I'm so excited about getting ready to move. The place we live now is a dump and they are raising the rent in April!!! Besides, we want to move out before the bees start coming in again. (They live in the wall of the 3rd bedroom) Also, they don't allow pets, so we want to move out before they find out we have Jasper. by the way, they are owned by ARC which is Affordable Rental Communities...yeah, they're affordable if you want to live in a junk heap.

We've been eating only organic veggies and meat products as of the first of February. We got some organic eggs and they were delightful! The brand we buy is Horizon (
and they have everything! Milk, eggs, juice, pudding, jello, cheese...and their drinks all come in single serving size packs too so you can pack them in your (or your hubbies) lunch! Before you say anything, organic milk is still Pasteurized!!! The only difference between it and "regular" milk is that the animals are fed a strictly vegitarian diet, and they are not injected with antibiotics or growth hormones. This makes the milk untainted. Check out the website for more information.

I suppose that's all I've got for now

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