Thursday, March 31, 2005

Chain Story #3

The sun came streaming in the window, brushing away the night. She yawned and stretched. Her golden hair flowed over her soft shoulders. Her skin almost glowing in the new sunlight. She lay back against the pillows and snuggled back down into the blankets. It was so early to be awake, and yet she could not go back to sleep. Excitement was building, today was the day! She threw off the blankets and quickly slipped into her robe and slippers. "Mayla!" she called as she filled the wash basin, "Mayla, where are you?" In a few moments her maidservant appeared, carrying fresh towels and soap. "Here I am, ma'am. Shall I draw you a bath?" She asked. "No, that would take too much time. She washed her face and hands in the basin all the while thinking of what she should wear. Mayla left the room, but returned shortly carrying a new dress. "Your father thought you might like to have this for today, " she said as she presented it to Andara. It was perfect! The soft lines and light lace, and the colour would compliment her softly tanned skin and bright green eyes.


Anonymous said...

Havian Qualess stepped quietly into the doorway of his daughter's room. He studied her as she admired herself in the mirror. The new dress fit perfectly. He was glad.
"She looks so much like her mother." he thought. "If only she could be here now, on this day."
He brushed aside the thought and put on a huge grin before stepping in and saying in his deep, booming voice, "I see you've put that dress to good use already! I was hoping you would like it."
Andara threw herself into her father's arms. "I love it Father! It's perfect!"
Havian smiled and hugged her tightly.
"When do we go, Father? When??"
He laughed out loud at her excitement. "The carriage is waiting at the front step." he said.
With that, Andara broke loose from his hold, ran down the stairs and toward the front door. Havian just smiled, shook his head, and began to follow her.

Maggie said...

As he walked down the stairs he couldn't help but think perhaps this wasn't right for his daughter. Was she ready for it? "It's too late to think of that now," He mumbled to himself as he reached the bottom of the staircase. He headed out to the carriage smiling at his daughter. He didn't want her to know how worried he was.
"How long will it take to get there, Father?" Andara asked as she fidgeted in her seat.
"About an hour," he replied. "Stop fidgeting before you wrinkle your dress. You want to look your best when we get there."
Andara did her best to sit still for the rest of the trip but there were so many things she had never seen. Rarely had she left her father's house, and they had few visitors since her mother's death. She stared out the window trying to pass the time. After what seemed like an eternity they pulled up to a house. It was larger than her own and had elaborate statues and fountains in the yard. Andara began to be nervous for the first time since they had left her home. Havian stepped out of the carriage and turned to help Andara out. Her hand trembled as she took his and stepped into the sun. She smoothed her dress and tried to stretch her legs discreetly. Her father offered his arm and together they walked up to the door.