Sunday, April 10, 2005

Just the same old stuff

Mostly nothing new has been going on. We are still looking for a house to rent. We drove around after I got off work today and found 2 places that were really nice. I'm not sure if they are in our price range yet, but hopefully one of them will work out. We've been looking at houses from the list we got but most of them are ghetto! A few were nice, but farther from work than I'd like. Especially with the price of gas going up up up!

Bob went to the eye doctor and they told him he's weird! Actually that's not exactly what they said but they did say he has a condition that they don't see very often. Anyway they prescribed him some glasses to help him see better (especially at night) and he let me pick out frames for them. Good thing too, the last time he got glasses he picked out his own frames and they were UGLY! Anyway, he went to pick them up a few days later and it turns out they are Harley Davidson frames. He said since he has the glasses he needs a motorcycle to match. Of course, I said "NO WAY!!"

Work has been hectic, we've still only got 4 office employees. They tried to hire some more but out of the 3 candidates only one got hired. The others just didn't work out. That's fine with me because that means overtime for a while longer, but it sucks because...well, it means overtime for a little while longer.

I've been so tired lately. Bob says it is because my metabolism is slowing down but I don't think so. I think it's because I work all the time. I suppose if I exercised more and ate better food I would probably feel better, but I don't have the energy to cook or do anything when I get home from work. My days off are usually spent catching up on housework or packing or shopping or looking for a house. I can't wait til we move!!

My birthday is next month and I'm getting a little excited. Bob said he has a special birthday trip planned but he won't exactly tell me what it is. He did say we would be camping and doing something like we did last year (which included a camping trip, a canoe ride with fishing (I caught two fish, bob caught none AND tipped over the canoe) and riding a horse) I can't wait til my birthday!

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