Saturday, March 26, 2005

new stuff

We had a date last nite and ate at Pastabilities. Very good food, reasonable prices. I had pasta with italian sausage and peppers, it was much better than the Olive Garden! Bob had the manicotti and it was really yummy too. For dessert I had the tiramisu and Bob had key lime pie. It was quite tasty, and they both had lots of whipped cream on them. It was great!

So after that we went to Target to see if we could get some new stuff. We ended up getting several dog toys for Jasper (a blue football made out of the same stuff they use to make fire hoses!) and some sheets made of T-shirt material! The great thing about the sheets is they are only $20 for the set. (bottom sheet, top sheet, 2 pillowcases) I haven't tried them out yet but I'm washing them today. I'm so excited!

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