Monday, April 11, 2005

monday monday...

I'm sitting here in front of the computer blogging when I should be catching up on housework or exercising or walking the dog or finishing my crochet project. I finally got Joe to take Bob out for the evening so I'll be all by myself for a while. I should use the time to do something constructive, but I just feel so lazy. It's really warm and nice out, the kind of weather that makes you want popsicles. If I had any patio furniture I'd be on the porch right now even though it's dark out. Although if I was out there I'd probably get eaten alive by mosquitos. I guess that's the way of things...the sweet with the sour as bob always says.
The house we looked at yesterday that I really liked didn't work out. They don't allow pets and they were a little (ok a lot) out of our price range. I hope we find one soon because I'm ready to get out of this place. The bees are back and the complex still isn't doing anything about them. Also, ants have started to come in the kitchen. I don't know why, they just come in and crawl all over my clean dishes until i squish them or spray them or wash them down the sink.
I like to go from blog to blog and see what's going on in other people's lives. Yeah, I'm nozy, so what? They put it there. Anyway, I posted on one today (anonymous as always) and apparently he liked it so much that he pasted it to a new post and commented on it.'s odd to know that you can make an impact on someone you've never met.
Work is the same, but I'm tired of it. I'm tired of doing it, I'm tired of talking about it. It's the same thing every day. Deal with ignorant customers, deal with ignorant salespeople. If there's one thing I can't tolerate it's stupidity. Not even just stupidity, because some people are just stupid and can't help it. It's when someone is stupid and they know they're stupid but they just wallow in their stupidity and don't try to learn or grow or become anything besides more stupid. That's what I don't like.
I've been reading lots of blogs and some really sound so cliche or like they are scripted. That makes me start to wonder if mine does, too. Do I sound like a Lifetime movie? Something off Pax? Something really cheezy where the teen runs out of the house in a fit and the mom or dad or aunt or whoever goes running after them trying to appologize and make things right but then they stop and just stand there with that hopeless look on their face and then we fade to commercial. I try not to sound like that. I hope I don't.
I've decided that my calling is to be a teacher/trainer. I don't think I'm supposed to teach kids because I really don't like kids. When I've had to train someone at work, that's when I've been happiest. In any job really that's my favorite part. I'm good at it, too. The guy I trained at work is doing much better than the girl the OM trained and he's been there a lot less time. The manager of the store told the OM that the new people need to work my schedule so that I can train them. I guess that means that my ability and talent is being recognized. He also said he was going to try to create an Asst. Office Manager position for me so that I could start training to be an OM.
I had a Quizno's kid's meal for dinner. It's a six inch sub, a pack of goldfish crackers (the multicoloured ones!), a cookie, a small drink and a toy for only $2.99!!!! You can't even get a small sub there for 2.99!! The small sub is 6" on the regular adult menu, the cheapest one is $3, but they go up in price for the better ones, and that's without a drink. A cookie is $1.99! A bag of chips is about $1.49 I think. The kids meal only comes in three types of sandwiches, but for $3 I'll take a turkey sub every time! Yum yum!!!

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