Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hooray for Centrum!!

I'm been taking Viactive vitamins, and they're kind of icky and they take forever to chew. They are chocolate flavor though, so that was something they had going for them. Anyway, I ran out so we were at Wal Mart (eeeewwww, walmart!) last night and looking at all the multivitamins. I, as most everyone knows, cannot swallow I was looking for a CHEWABLE adult vitamin. These are usually very rare and not very tasty. So anyway I found a chewable orange flavored Centrum. I got the bottle and had one last night and one when I got up today and they are yummy! They taste orange-y...there is a slight bit of vitamin-ness about them, it's kind of like eating a Rolaid...dry and crumbly. But the flavor was good...and it has all the vitamins I need every day! (Mom says I should take Calcium and Magnesium, plus it has 100% of the folic acid recommended) Well, and a lot of other things too. So there, Bob, I'll take my stinking vitamin every day!

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