Saturday, November 05, 2005


I just saw a commercial for Aleve. I have never used Aleve, nor do I plan to, but I just wanted to point out how silly this commercial was (and most others for that matter). Ok, the mother (old) and the daughter (middle age) were gardening or something...they were outside. Anyway, the mother winces and looks like she's in pain. The daughter looks over and says "You've got to try my Aleve" and pulls a BOX of Aleve out of her pocket. Yes, that's right folks, everyone who uses Aleve, no matter what activity they are currently involved in, carries a BOX of Aleve in their pocket. A BOX!!! I could maybe understand a bottle, but not really because you are GARDENING. What on earth would you need a bottle of Aleve for while you are GARDENING? Do they really expect us to believe this or is it just product recognition? I'm hoping it is, they can't think we're that stupid.

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