Friday, April 18, 2008

Oliver update...poor guy!

Yesterday during Olivers bath Bob found out that what I thought was a mole was actually a TICK! He got it out, head and all, with no problem though. I called the dr. when we got up today and they said there was no reason to bring him in unless he was vomiting or had a high fever, which he didn't.

Today we were at my neighbor's house when I noticed a red area on Oliver's forehead. When we got home it had spread from his head across his chest and back. I called the dr.'s office and told them he had a rash and I thought it might be an allergic reaction to something. They said we can see him right away, bring him in. We were there in about 5 minutes and were seen right away. The dr said it definately wasn't an allergy, it looked viral and asked if he'd had any fever or diarhea. He had been having a bit of diarrhea but nothing serious so she said it was no big deal. I told her about the tick and she said she'd send him down to the lab to get checked for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - just in case. Off she sent us with instructions to come right back if he got a fever or started vomiting, or if the spots turned purple. We got to the lab and waited an hour to be seen...apparently they had to wait for two people to be available at the same time to "hold him down". They took us to a room and had him sit on my lap while I held down his legs and arms. They tied the rubber thingy around his arm and he started crying and saying "hurt". Then they poked him with the needle and he started SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF. Of course, they couldn't get the vein for some stupid reason, even after jabbing around for a minute or so. They decided to try his other arm. Of course by this time he's histerical, I'm crying, and Bob is pacing the room trying not to deck the woman with the needle. They tied the rubber thingy around his other arm and he screamed "no no no no no no no no" for a long time, then he started saying "daddyyyyyyyy daddyyyyyyy!" which of course made Bob want to grab him out of the chair and deck the woman even more. They still didn't get any blood so they said we could go to another lab or we could come back Monday. They said at that age they are only allowed to stick him twice in a day. We rushed on out of there and stopped for comfort Juice Shop smoothies on the way home. What a day! Hopefully he'll be ok by Monday so we don't have to take him for the blood again.

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Sedie said...

What a nightmare! I can just hear him screaming. I'm so glad he's better and you didn't have to go back!