Tuesday, September 09, 2008

2 years, what can he do now?

I found this checklist here.

Yes! - Walks by him/herself
Yes! - Stands up from middle of floor without help
Yes! - Turns page of a cardboard book
Yes! - Shows a toy, body part, and/or clothing item when asked
Yes! - May say two or more words meaningfully and also uses gestures to communicate
Yes! - Jabbers expressively and imitates words inexactly
Yes! - Likes an audience; imitates ball play and other social games (he especially likes cooking)
Yes! - Chews most foods well; may want to feed self with spoon and drink from cup, with many spills
Yes! - Walks up stairs with one hand held, and creeps backwards downstairs
Yes! - Likes to climb on, push and pull large objects or toys
Yes! - Stacks three or four objects
Yes! - May say five to ten words
Yes! - Points to one or more pictures in a book on request
Yes! - Follows a series of directions, e.g., "pick up the book and bring it to me." (when he wants to)
Yes! - Points to several body parts on self or doll (ALL of them!)
Yes! - Uses spoon and cup with little spilling
Yes! - Places edibles in mouth
Yes! - Able to run
Yes! - Begin jumping during play
Yes! - Completes simple three piece puzzle
Yes! - Sometimes uses two-word sentence, e.g., "more juice" or "bye-bye mommy." (he will actually say more juice please...so he's using some 3 word sentences!)
Yes! - Imitates simple words immediately (including one that I'd rather he not say..somehow he picked up "f*ck" and says it when he drops something!)
Yes! - Follows directions easily (again, when he wants to)
Yes! - Occasionally plays near but not usually with other children
Yes! - Likes to help a parent - imitates household chores
Yes! - Can undress completely, except for fasteners
Yes! - Temper tantrums may begin because of strong need for independence

He can also count to five and sometimes to ten. He usually forgets eight.
He can recognize letters A, B, C, D, O, W, and M. He knows at least one word for each letter (like D is for Daddy, O is for Oliver, etc)
He says please, thank you and you're welcome. So polite!
He's getting less shy around people as long as he has a few minutes to warm up.
He knows when he needs to poop and will (most of the time) let me know. For some reason he doesn't tell Bob as often as he tells me. We're still working on the peeing. If I take him he'll go but he won't tell me he has to pee.
His bedtime routine is still the same...bath, brush, jammies, 2 books then lights out. He did really well today - got right up in his bed and got ready to hear the story. His favorites are Harold and the Purple Crayon. He sleeps through the night most of the time now, maybe waking once. Sometimes he even puts himself back to sleep! He wakes up early though, usually around 6:30 or 7. I miss the old days when he'd sleep til 9! Then again, I don't get to sleep that long anymore anyway so I guess it wouldn't matter either way.
He's doing really well with colors, too. He knows green, blue, pink, white, black, red and yellow. He still says green first if you ask him what color something is but he usually gets it right on the second try.
He knows lots of shapes and is getting really good at the shape sorter and puzzles. He knows square, circle, triangle, heart, oval, rectangle, star, pentagon, hexagon, and diamond.
We had his check up today and he weighs 26 pounds 15.5 ounces. He is 34.5 inches tall. That puts him at average height and slightly below average weight. Not to worry, though. We are definately not starving the boy. He still eats a wide variety of food - although he's a lot more stubborn about when he'll eat it. Fortunately for us he prefers fruit to cake or cookies.
He got his Hep A vaccination and a hemoglobin test. He did NOT like being held down...I think he liked that less than the actual shot/finger stick. He didn't let the nurse put a band aid on either one until we held him down again. He screamed and screamed. Luckily he calmed down shortly after and was totally fine when we stopped on the way home for a smoothie (mmmm, Juice Shop!!)
Overall he's doing really well and is right on schedule for most things. He's polite and kind and such a good helper!

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Sedie said...

No wonder you had a busy weekend! You had birthday and anniversay! Congratulations to you and happy belated to Oliver!