Thursday, September 11, 2008

A month already!!

I can hardly believe that Wyatt was born a month ago today. It seems like the time has gone by so quickly. We've all settled into some sort of a routine and are getting by pretty well. Wyatt has gotten so big, I can't wait to see how much he weighs (his appt is tomorrow). He's eating really well and stays awake for a long time. Luckily it's usually during the day. He's grown out of newborn diapers and newborn clothes. I was very sad when that happened! My last baby isn't going to be a baby for long.

He can follow a toy with his eyes when I move it side to side - sometimes he moves his head, too. He also swats at toys, especially if they make noise when he does. So far his favorite thing to look at is the sheet covering the futon, though. It's got white, blue and red stripes. When he's on his stomach he can lift his head up really well and lifts himself a little bit on his arms. He can hold his hands together. He's very vocal, cooing and grunting all the time. He smiled at me for the first time today. Such a cute little smile!! He likes sitting up and can control his head pretty well but it still flops around a little. He's working on it, though! He recognizes my voice and will calm down when I talk to him when he's upset...sometimes. He takes a pacifier even though I really don't want him to. It calms him down really quickly so I can figure out what's wrong.

He's a calm baby. Most of the time when he's not asleep he's just looking around at everything with his big eyes. He hardly ever really cries - he fusses a little but no wailing. He sleeps about 3 hours at a time at night - then he wakes up to eat. During the day he sleeps better if he's being held or if he's in the Boppy pillow. At night he stays in the bassinet next to the bed for most of the night. Around 4 or 5 I bring him in the bed with me because he won't go back to sleep otherwise. He still grunts in his sleep. It's cute and a little funny IF you don't have to sleep next to him. He still likes being swaddled up tight most nights. Sometimes he likes one arm free so he wears his blanket like a little toga.

The first month with little Super Why was hard - we had lots of snuggle time and such, which was good, but it was hard to get into a routine and get things done. It's hard to find a balance between the two kids. Oliver still needs to much attention but he's figuring out how to do more and more on his own which really helps me out. It was really hard with Bob going back to school. He needs lots of time to do assignments and such so I have to find things for Oliver to do quietly or outside. Wyatt is pretty low maintenance at this point just because he sleeps so much.

Wyatt and I have Mim and baby time after Oliver goes to bed. Wyatt is usually awake between 8 and around 10 so we have a few hours to be just the two of us (or 3 if bob is home and not doing schoolwork). It makes me feel a little bit better about having to step away sometimes during the day. We usually just hang out and talk or look at toys. Sometimes we walk around and bounce but that puts Why to sleep so I save it for last. He's a sweet little cuddly guy!

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