Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Such a busy weekend!!

Oliver turned 2 on Saturday!!!!

We had such a busy weekend that I didn't get a chance to post anything about it until now. Saturday we got up and went to RTG to show Judy and Jim the sling they got me. While we were there Oliver got a little bit of happy birthday cash. He gets so excited about money - he loves putting it in his pockets. Anyway, we hung out there for a while and then we came home and got a nap before Bob got home. When Bob did get home he was holding his head funny and couldn't move it. He was in a lot of pain so I told him to go to the doctor. He said he'd been like that for his last 2 calls and that he'd just try to tough it out. I got him the heating pad and he sat down on the couch. He couldn't move for an hour, at one point he was stuck and couldn't get up! Anyway, I finally convinced him to call his boss and tell him he was going to the urgent care to get checked. When he got home he told me the doctor said he had whiplash! I'm not sure how it happened but he has exercises to do and pain pills and muscle relaxers to take now. While he was gone Oliver, Wyatt and I left for Thomasville where we were meeting up with the Englands. After getting a bit lost we finally made it to the church. Everyone ooh'd and aaah'd over Wyatt. Oliver was a big boy and climbed up the ladder and went down the slide all by himself...lots of times. He was very well behaved, especially since he didn't really know anyone. He's usually pretty shy but he just ran right out into the yard and started playing ball with Reed (also 2, blonde curly hair..he was so cute!). I got to visit with Laura and Mama E and play with Isabella in between chasing him and feeding Wyatt...although Wyatt did get passed around a good bit. After a few hours Oliver was really hot (I had him in pants and long sleeves because it had rained earlier and was chilly but it was HOT when we got there) and we were allready to get home and check on poor crippled Daddy. Off we went, I only got lost once on the way home! Bob was tired and kind of groggy from the pills when we got home so we had an early night.

Sunday morning we had some breakfast and then I cleaned cleaned cleaned to get ready for the party. I made a cake and Bob got the ice cream and such from the store. We met Joe and Elizabeth and Isabell at the Greensboro Children's Museum around 1:30 and played and played until almost 3 I think. The museum also had free Ben and Jerry's ice cream that day! (I told Oliver it was for his birthday but it was really because it was Grandparent's day) Anyway around 3 we left to go back to the house and get things ready and told J&E to meet us there in about half an hour. We got home, Bob went back to the store to get sodas and napkins and plates and stuff and I finished up the cake and ordered the pizza. Boxy and Doreen (our neighbors) came by shortly after Bob went to the store and then after he got back Bob and Dolly showed up. Oliver got warmed up really quickly and was soon the center of attention. J&E came a bit later and Oliver and Isabell played together really well. Oliver was a very good sharer, even with his new toys. Anyway, we had pizza and cake and lots of good conversation!

For presents -

From Mim and Daddy - slide, magnadoodle, walkie talkies
From Nanny and Pappy - cash!
Rachael and Dave - puzzles and T shirt
Sarah and Greg - lots of clothes
Grampa Steve - pants and outfit
From Joe and Elizabeth - aquadoodle and pajamies
From Chris - two Thomas the trains, Diego multitool
Boxy and Doreen - legos
Digits and Ani - microscope, crab chips, flashing crab necklace

He was thrilled with everything and can hardly figure out what to play with first. I'm going to post the new things Oliver can do since he was one in a while but Bob has some reading to do first.

Bob is doing better, he can move his neck and head a little more. He doesn't have to go to physical therapy or stay out of work, although he is on restricted duty. He seems to be in less pain, too.

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