Monday, October 20, 2008

Going out...oh how fun it is!

We went out to look at freezers (at Sears) and ended up eating out at Macaroni Grill...the food was ok, the service was horrible. At one point Oliver said he needed to go potty. Hooray! I whisked him away to the bathroom, got his pants and diaper off and sat him on the toilet. He sat there a minute and then...the toilet flushed! LOUDLY! It was an automatic one so I guess he moved just wrong and set it off. He was so scared that he jumped off the potty and kept saying "don't like it!". I finally got him calmed back down and set him back up on the potty. This time in just a few seconds it flushed again. GRRRRR! This happened one more time before I gave up, appologized to poor Oliver because not only was he scared of the potty but he'd also have to pee in his diaper, and headed back to the table.

We finished eating and then went to Barnes & Noble where we went to the bathroom again. Oliver had a dry diaper so we tried the potty again (after I convinced him this one wasn't going to flush until he pushed the handle). He ended up going and I felt so much better! Anyway, we probably won't be going back to Macaroni Grill anytime soon...and we definately won't use auto-flush toilets!

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