Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two cute outfits

Wyatt looks like he's ready to go jogging. I love this outfit (thanks, Mom!). It's so soft but not like fleece...fleece makes my hands feel dry.

Here he is looking like a lumberjack...or at least like Bob. I love the little flannel shirt.
Strangely enough this was a hand-me-down from Oliver but I have NO pictures of Oliver in this outfit. Wyatt's hair is a lot lighter than Oliver's was at this age. It looks almost blonde in this picture but it's actually light brown.
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Sedie said...

Look at those eyes!!!

You asked about the truck book Vlad was reading, we got it at the local library and had to end up buying it from them for $1 because Vlad "loved" the book a bit too much!!!