Saturday, October 25, 2008

Playing together and a few misc ones

Oliver loves his phone. Most of the time he'll "call" Gramma when he plays with it. Today he wanted Wyatt to talk to Gramma, too. He was very careful not to smash the phone into Wyatt's head or anything - he did a super job of sharing. They played like this for a while until Oliver got bored with Wyatt not talking to Gramma like he was supposed to. At that point Oliver ran off into the playroom...

He's so happy all the time...well, most of the time anyway. He's so easy going and always ready with this big smiley face.
Wyatt, on the other hand, looks terrified! I have NO idea what he was looking at when I took this picture.
He's pretty easy going too, easily amused and quick with the teeth in this gummy little cute!

I have good boys. I'm very happy with the way they are growing up into big smart well behaved boys. They both have their moments when they are too loud or won't do what they're told (I know, Wyatt's too young to understand) but overall they are so good.

Wyatt's really starting to lift his head so well. He gets up on his arms and looks around for a minute or two at a time. He can also scoot a little bit if there's something to push his feet against. He's holding toys and can usually get them up to his mouth to gnaw on them. He's rejecting the paci more and more (thank goodness!) but he's starting to find a thumb or finger to chew or suck on. He likes being in the bouncy seat because he can make it move all by himself. We are contemplating getting a swing but I'm not really sure we need one. The only reason I'd really want one is because it would help him go to sleep. Another month or so and he'll be able to use the saucer. He's getting so big so fast I just don't know what to do. Every time I turn around he's doing something new!

Speaking of turning around...We were getting ready to go to lunch today. I got Wyatt's milk ready (4 oz) and left the open bottle on the counter. Oliver was running around looking for his shoes and I went into the bedroom to get dressed. When I came back out Oliver was still looking for his shoes but the milk was GONE. The empty bottle was just sitting there on the counter. There was no milk anywhere - not on the floor, not in the sink, not on Oliver - but I'm pretty sure that Oliver got that bottle down and drank Wyatt's milk.
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