Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We are all sick! Oliver got sick when we went to WV two weeks ago. Two days ago Bob and I and Wyatt all picked up whatever it is that he had. He's still sick, too. I took him to the dr today and they said give him Mucinex for a few days to see if that helps and if not we have a scrip for antibiotics. Fun! Bob and Wyatt were both running fevers today, although Wyatt's has gone down in the last hour or so. I tried to make some soup but it was a disaster. I didn't think about putting the noodles in the slowcooker and they became MUSH. I guess I'll be the only one eating that big vat of goop. We did end up getting a good nap ...Bob and Oliver for about an hour and Wyatt and I for about 2.

Oh yeah, I actually did give Wyatt some carrots today. He ate them up! he's going to be a good eater like Oliver, I think.

So it's the last day of the year and here we are, sick as dogs. What a way to go out!

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