Thursday, March 24, 2005

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I went to visit my family this week! I had a pretty good time with all of them. I mostly hung out with my older sister Rachael (fondly called "O"). We went shopping, which is always fun, and visited with some of the relatives that are around. Uncle Greg was in from Mass and it was good to see him and Kristen for a bit. She showed me how to play Sims2, which I am totally addicted to now. I wish my computer had enough memory to handle it, I'd go out and buy it quick. Also we had a birthday party for my niece and my stepfather. It was pretty fun we had cookout style food and everyone liked their presents.

I still haven't finished the afghan I've been working on but I'm still working on it. It's about 25 inches across now, which means I only have to do 11 more to make it big enough. Unless I decide to keep it for myself, in which case I will have to make it lots bigger.

I won the family limerick contest! YAY!!! I wonder what the prize is this year. I think it's kind of funny though because I was talking to some other people and they worked on their limericks for a long time. I just sat down the morning they were due and whipped that one out in about 2 minutes. I guess that makes me the limerick master! HEHEHEHEHE!

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