Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mama's visit

I posted this before, I really did. For some reason it didn't show up. Sunday my dear wonderful mother and her husband Dale came to visit. Oliver stayed awake for a long time, he really liked playing with Gramma and Grampa! Gramma fed him a bottle, and then he snuggled up and took a nap with her. They brought him a playyard, a swing, and a playmat from Aunt Sarah. He really likes them! Gramma brought Bob and I some delicious stew (which is all gone now, it was so yummy!) and we ate that for lunch. We had a good time talking about houses and babies and everything. Poor Gramma had a migraine though, so they had to leave a little earlier than planned. Oliver was a little sad, but he went right back to sleep after they said goodbye. Overall it was a wonderful visit! We were all very glad that Gramma and Grampa could come over.

Sorry about the picture, Mama...this is the one I took when you weren't ready. The others came out super blurry so this is the only one I have. Maybe you can email the ones you took?? Posted by Picasa

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