Sunday, October 01, 2006

Things about Oliver

Oliver likes:

his brother, Jasper
green, it's his favorite colour
taking walks in his stroller
taking walks in his snugli
warm baths
wearing a blankie like a toga
warm milk
being rocked in the gliding rocker
tummy playtime
having his picture taken
Baby Einstein music CD's
having visits
having a clean diaper
looking in the mirror

Oliver doesn't like:

being naked
being cold
being hot
getting swaddled
cold milk
bright lights
loud noises
getting his diaper changed
being left alone
not eating when he's hungry
getting in and out of his car seat
leaky diapers

Oliver can:

turn his head from side to side while laying on his tummy
hold his head up for a few seconds
stare very intently at things
follow an object with his eyes
swipe at objects
hold his hands together
make lots of noise
swim a little in the tub
burp very loudly

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