Saturday, October 07, 2006

our house...

I have pictures and a video tour of our house. I haven't posted the pictures yet because the camera is missing at the moment. I'm sure Bob knows where it is, but I don't. I have no idea how to post a video. Anyway, we got the keys on Wednesday at closing, but the lady hadn't finished moving out so we gave her until midnight Friday to get her stuff. She said she would leave the keys on the counter when she was done. We went that night and there was stuff EVERYWHERE. Dishes in the kitchen, piles of things in the bedrooms, shelves full of books, closets full of was insane! She had even left her poor dog out back. We went back Friday at about 8 and she had left her keys...and dishes in the cabinets, shelves full of books and nicknacks, closets full of clothes, toys, cans of manwich (can you even BUY that anymore?), cleaners, paper towels, tools, an attic full of boxes of miscellaneous stuff and who knows what else that we haven't seen yet. Luckily she did take the dog. What kind of person leaves all that stuff for the new owner of the house to clean up? HOW RUDE!! Bob went over to changed the locks today and to clean up some other stuff. We tore the wheat off the was apparently wallpaper, but it wasn't on there very well. The place needs a VERY thorough cleaning. I'm here at the apt today because Oliver was congested yesterday and I didn't want to take him out again in the cold and rain and icky. Bob cleaned out his nose really well while I was sleeping today so he's breathing much better.

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