Sunday, October 01, 2006

What's going on?

Oliver stayed with Kyle and Cindy for a few hours while Bob and I went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary (late, it was 9-4). We also went grocery shopping, which we badly needed to do. Suprisingly, I didn't freak out. We stayed out for about 2 hours and hardly even talked about him.

We haven't officially gotten a closing date for our house, but we're working on it. It should be next week because they sent our loan paperwork to the underwriter last week and the lawyers should get it this week. We're hoping for closing on Friday. The owner lady moved out this weekend so now it's empty and ready for us. We have the apartment until the end of October so we'll be able to get in and do some repairs and stuff before we move in. I can't wait to paint Oliver's room, and paint over the ugly WHEAT in the living room. Not to mention fix the leak in the bathroom and get rid of the carpet...which i guess is more important.

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