Sunday, June 10, 2007

pool adventure!

Oliver had his first adventure in a big pool today. We got him this turtle floatie so he could play in the water. He seemed to like it pretty well. He spent a good bit of time floating around in it.
He met a little girl named Emma who he kept watching and waving at after they went back to the other part of the pool. What a little ladies man!
Oh no! Don't get me! Cindy was tickling Oliver and he was splashing her. We all had a fun time. The water was really warm! We hung out in the 3 foot section the whole time, and didn't stay long but it was great. We will be going back again soon for sure!

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kimba said...

He's just gorgeous! Aww-dorable. He looks like he's having a fabulous time in the water, what a big grin.